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Last Modified September 8, 2006

Notes: Class ending times are ten minutes BEFORE the hour, so students can get to their next class on time, teachers have time to prepare for their next class, and parents can check on their student children. While we understand waiting until after class to ask questions because you want to know more, please respect these much needed breaks.

9:00-10:50 11:00-12:50 2:00-3:50 4:00-5:50 9:00-10:50 11:00-12:50 2:00-3:50
Combat (Archery, Rattan, Rapier & Marshalling)
German Longsword
Thorfinnr Bjarnason
Medieval German Wrestling
Thorfinnr Bjarnason
Marozzo's Guard of the Head
Magdalene van den Velde
Italian Longsword
Giacomo Cavalli
Introduction to I.33
Sword & Buckler

Kolbrandr Kolsson
Intermediate I.33
Binding with Sword & Buckler

Kolbrandr Kolsson

Anatomy of a Rapier Tournament
Meala Caimbeul
Introduction to SCA Fencing
(Rapier 101)

Meala Caimbeul
Moving First & Rolling With the Situation
Giacomo Cavalli
Rapier 101
Drills & Practice
Marcos de la Cruz
Rapier Marshaling
Caidan Marshallate
Melee Fighting
Lot Ramirez
Rapier Practicum
Lot Ramirez
Archery 101
Robert Lanternsmith & Philip Quartermain
Archery Handbook - Updates & Revision Forum
Christina O'Cleary & Allan Bluehood
My Child Wants to Fight, Now What?
Timothy the Procrastinator
Youth Combat Fighter Practice
Timothy the Procrastinator

Youth Combat Fighter Practice
Timothy the Procrastinator
Fighting Basics:
Weapon & Shield

Gamyl of Mottrom
Getting Good With a Great Sword
Guillaume de la Belgique
Combat Archery 101
Basic Combat Archery

Ingilborg Sigmundardottir
Combat Archery 201
Strategies for Success

Ingilborg Sigmundardottir
Throwing the Combat Javelin
Decimus Caelius Drusus
Putting the Practice Back in Fighter Practice
Guillaume de la Belgique
What Is Chivalry?

Guillaume de la Belgique
Marshalling 101
Caidan Marshallate
Marshalling 201
Caidan Marshallate
Marshallate Roundtable
Caidan Marshallate
Non-Fighter's Guide To SCA Fighting
Felinah Tifarah Arvella Memo Hazara Khan-ad-Din
Combat Archery Marshalling
Caidan Marshallate

Cooking / Brewing
Kitchens in History
David of Caithness
The Spice Chest
Magdalene Katherine MacDonald
Making Bread &
Cheese at a Tourney

Adelicia of Caithness & Toline of Arundel
Herbs Plus Wort Equals Gruit Ale
Donal O' Brien
Herbs in Medieval Cooking
Adelicia of Caithness
Redaction 101
How to Cook From Period Sources

Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia

Practical Camp Cooking
Medb Renata

Heraldry & Scribal Arts
Heraldic Consultation
Caidan College of Heralds
Caidan College of Scribes
Beginning Heraldry
Vivienne de Lempiere
Court Heraldry
Cormac Mor
Ancient Greek Mythology & Mythical Beasts
Dirk Ivanovich
Your Device & What To Do With It!
Strategies for Success

Illuminada Eugenia deGuadalupe y Godoy
History of SCA Heraldry
Balthazar van der Brugghe
Heraldic Administrivia
Su of the Silver Horn
Heraldic Roadshow
Processing Submissions:
Beyond Coloring Forms

Caidan College of Heralds

Practical Scribing 101
Basic Layout

Aliskye MacKyven Raizel
Practical Scribing 100
What you need to know to be a Scribe

Aliskye MacKyven Raizel


Russian Household in 16th-17th cc

Liudmila Vladimiorva doch'
Castle Entertainment for a Rainy Afternoon
Deirdre Oilithreach
King Arthur on King Arthur
Strategies for Success

Guillaume de la Belgique
Cup of Wonder
The Heritage of the Celts

Jared Alexendre Blaydeaux
Courtly Love in All Its Unchaste Splendor
Ouregan filia Flavian
Metalwork, Leatherwork & Wood Working
Intermediate Pewter Demo
Gerhart v. Altenberg
Introduction to the Tools & Techniques of Repoussé and Chasing
Otuell Gowe
Black Smithing
Antonio El Oso
Introduction to Armour Construction
Darius von Tannenberg

Medieval Chests
Build Your Own 6 Board Chest

Eirikr Mjoksiglandi

Historical Leather Decoration
Czina Angielczyka

Performance (Bardic Arts & Dance)
Sing for the Dream - Recapturing the Joy
Domhnall mac Pharlain & Beathog nic Dhonnchaidh
Period Musical Instruments
Samuel Piper
Magic of Storytelling
Thomas Whiteheart
Bawdy Period Songs
Strategies for Success

Samuel Piper
Short History of the Minnesingers
Dietrich von Vogelsang & Beorn of the Northern Sea
Medieval & Rennaissance Vocal Masterclass
Elizaveta Arievna Lebedeva
Phoenix Players
Finella Harper
Beginning Bellydance
Genevieve d' Orleans
How the Tudors Danced
Dances from Gresley

Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia
Intermediate Tribal Combinations for Belly Dance
Eabha inghean Domhnaill
Drummers & Dancers Drumspeak/Intro to Doumbek
Finieous Balzac
Zils & Frills
Brangwyne de Vitre
Tribal Conditioning Drills & Combinations
Mandalyn Lurati

SCA Interests (Officers' Prep & Society Skills)
Surviving Your First Year in the SCA
Marie de Womwell
A Field Guide to the Awards of Caid
Elana Blakefenn
How to Develop Your Persona
Marie de Womwell
It's a Mock Court!
Osanna de Fries

Constable 101
Caidan Constabulary
Planning and Documenting your Pentathlon Project
Helgi hrafnfæðir
Webwright Roundtable
Matheus Faelan Reyner
How to Run a Lyst
Jana Aoibeall
Exchequer 101
Richenda Coffin
Exchequer 201
Richenda Coffin
Being a Territorial Senechal
Caidan Senechalate
Textiles (Clothing, Fiber Arts & Embroidery)
Tablet Weaving Without Trauma
Thea Northernridge
Viking Whipcord Braid
Bridget Lucia MacKenzie
Fiber Spin-in Workshop
Bridget Lucia MacKenzie
Hands-on Absolutely Beginning Embroidery
Su of the Silver Horn
Knitting Stitches Used in Eleanora de Toledo's Stockings
Mariam Albarran
The Well-Heeled Lady
Knitting the Heels & Toes For Eleanora de Toledo's Stockings

Medb Renata
"Got Fiber?"
Felice Filadoro
What's in Your Spinning Kit?
Felice Filadoro

Overview of Norse Clothing
Su of the Silver Horn

Dress Ornamentation in Northern Europe until 1000 AD, Part 1
Helgi hrafnfæðir
Dress Ornamentation in Northern Europe until 1000 AD, Part 2
Helgi hrafnfæðir
Cloth Armour
Ceridwen Killian

It Takes How Many Yards?
Magdelene van den Velde
A Newcomers Guide to the LA Fabric District
Caterucia Bice da Ghiacceto
German Headresses for Women 1490-1550
Adelheit Schwarzenkatze
How to Look Like You Stepped Out of a Portrait
Adelheit Schwarzenkatze & Caterucia Bice da Ghiacceto
It's All in the Finishing
Illora of the west lea
Sewing for Beginners
Morgana Horsekeeper
Tunics to a "T"
Morgana Horsekeeper and Ceridwen Killian
Young Children - A Parent must accompany students under the age of 7
Paper Bag Hats
Kym Broderick
Sand Castles
Broinnfind Caireach of Black Moor
Viking Puppets
Siobhan na bhFeadh
Beading Jewlery
Siobhan na bhFeadh
Serendipity Room
Siobhan na bhFeadh
Youth Combat Marshalling
Timothy the Procrastinator
Youth Combat Fighter Practice
Timothy the Procrastinator
Older Children
Making a Dance Belt
Jolie Delarue
Beginning Belly Dance
Eabha inghean Domhnaill
Beginning Illumination
Suzanne De La Plane
Beginning Chainstitch Embroidery
Gwenyth fec Arthur
Beginning Chainmail
Mael Anfaid MacLeoid
Period Pouch Game
Deirdre McCabe
Woven Belt Pouches
Jolie Delarue
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