September 29th and 30th, 2001

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This is the archived site for the Fall 2001 Collegium Caidis. Information on the current session, as well as forms and other general collegium information, can be found on the Collegium Caidis home page.

The upcoming Collegium Caidis will be held at the College of Fenwood Knoll (UC Irvine) on September 29th and 30th, 2001.

We heard you!! Beginning with Fall 2001 Collegium Caidis will have ADVANCED CLASSES. These classes are more in-depth and designed for students with some knowledge of the subject. Some classes will require reading to prepare for the class in order to participate in class discussions. Please read the class announcement or contact the instructor for more information.

New fee for Collegium Caidis
$10.00 for the whole weekend of classes

Please Note: All registration is BY MAIL, or at events where the Collegium staff has a preregistration table set up. Currently, preregistration tables are scheduled to be at Pentathlon/Leodemus Tourney and at Crown Tourney The mailing address is under "Registrar," under "Collegium Caidis," on the inside back cover of the Crown Prints.

If you missed the last Collegium Caidis, you missed a major change in class fees. Collegium staff has replaced the registration fee and individual class fees with a $10.00 fee for the two days of classes. Since your site fee will now include classes for both days of collegium use to the opportunity to check out classes on topics that you might not have otherwise have attended. Pre-registration is still encouraged. Due to restrictions of the number of students in some classes, pre-registration is still recommended. Pre-registration helps Collegium instructors to plan supplies, class handouts and samples. Don't get left out of the class you wanted to take. Pre-register early!

Make checks payable to SCA Inc., /Collegium Caidis.

Registration is not required for the following classes: Spin-in, Heraldic Consultation, Scriptorium and Fighter Trainings.

There will be a Regents Meeting on Sunday, Sept. 30 during the lunch break.This meeting is to discuss plans for Spring 2002 Collegium Caidis and issues/concerns of the Regents. Lunch will be served. There will be a class at the Spring Collegium for people interested in becoming a Regent.

This schedule is now finalized. Changes will only occur if a class is canceled by the instructor. In that event, a substitute teacher or class may be be added. Please contact the Programming Regent with questions regarding the schedule.

Class Schedule Grid
Course Catalog

  Saturday, September 29, 2001 Sunday, September 30, 2001
Registration begins 8:00 AM 8:00 AM
Classes begin 9:00 AM 9:00 AM
Classes conclude 6:00 PM 4:00 PM

Site and Directions

University of California, Irving (UCI)
Humanities Building
Irvine, CA 92697

From the South: Take the 5 North to the 405 N. Exit Culver, turn right off exit Right onto Campus Drive. Right onto W. Peltason.

From the North: 5 South to the 55 South to 405 South. Exit right onto Jamboree. Left onto Campus Drive. Right onto W. Peltason.

Please note there is a $4.00 Parking fee for both Saturday and Sunday.


Bring Note-taking supplies for each class and pay close attention to any suggested student needs for each class. If you have questions about the classes, contact the programming regent. If you have question about the site, contact the Site Autocrat.


Event Autocrat: Dame Hydyr ferch Caradoc, Collegium Chancellor, [  ]

Registrar: Master Alewaulfe the Red [  ]

Programming Regent: Duchess Ceinwen ferch Rhys, [  ]

Site Autocrat: Countess Leonore Morgana, [  ]


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